CHANEL Le Vernis n° 483 Vendetta is velvet in a bottle. It shimmers in eggplant with a touch of indigo. If it weren’t for the high gloss, this avant-garde colour could stray into glam-goth instead accenting your new nude peep toe.

n° 483 is for a pedicure and should only be a manicure selection for an evening gala. Be not mistaken, it should be removed straight after one’s gown. n° 483 is full body. It has a vendetta against a petite hand; its ideal pairing is a well-groomed foot.

For those of you who have lost yourself in frosted pink nail colour, dare to make a bold decision. Rest assured, the shimmer structure offers a richness that exudes luxury. Luxury is reserved for an established woman who is, in this case, confident in her feet.

When you have to choose between a pedicure or manicure, always select the pedicure. Hands are much easier to self-groom than feet, and every woman would be well served to get off her feet for a relaxing soak and massage.